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My Daughter Seo Young Ep 1 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for My Daughter Seo Young Ep 1

it is the last semester before the summer vacation in the School of Law's 4th Grade. To hear that her mother who will be working in Jeju region suffered a heart assault, Seo Young who has immersed herself in a very part-time job to elevate money for her residing expenses and tuition fee rushes to the airport, she sees a motorcycle and quickly blocks it so she will make it in time that will board the plane.

on the flip side, Woo Jae is over a ride going to Gangnam to go to a friend after setting up his military service, he found himself when in front of a woman who stole their motorcycle and fled, he tries chasing after her, but he went back empty-handed.

Seo Young quickly can make it to Jeju Island in addition to was devastated upon researching the news of her mother's death as soon as she arrived in the actual hospital. Then afterwards, she rushed to the woman father Sam Jae who loves playing inside the casino and was inside shock to hear that news that his father tripled his debts.

Seo Young files pertaining to leave of absence from her school following a funeral and as a way to pay her father's debts that have tripled, she will work for a private tutor for Kang Ki Bum's most youthful son Seong Jae and while searching for Ki Bum's home, she stumbles into Woo Jae while you're watching house and she was built to promise a date together with him.

My Daughter Seo Young Ep 1 Synopsis Summary

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